Select an owning design part

In the Synchronize wizard there is a browse button that you click to select an owning design part for any new items you create in the project or stream as a result of a synchronize or deliver process.

To select a design part:

  1. Click the browse button. The Part Selection wizard opens.

  2. Use the fields on the first page of the wizard to enter selection criteria for the design part you are looking for. Optionally:

    • Select a product from the list.

    • Select a design part category from the Category list.

    • Enter a filter string in any of the text fields, Part ID or Part Description.

    You can use wildcards in these fields. Use an underscore (_) to match exactly one character. Use a percent sign (%) to match any number of characters.

  3. Click Next.

  4. Select the part and click Finish.

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