When a stream is cloned from Dimensions CM, it becomes a branch in your local git repository. New local branches pushed back into Dimensions CM become new streams. For example, assume you have the stream QLARIUS:MAINLINE with another stream branched from it, QLARIUS:FEATURE1.

To work on a branch and then commit and push changes:

  1. Clone these streams into your local git repository using this command:

    git clone dimensions://servername/cm_typical@dim14/qlarius/mainline/*

  2. The main branch in Git contains the files from the stream QLARIUS:MAINLINE stream. There is also a branch called feature1 containing the files from QLARIUS:FEATURE1. You can work on these branches in Git just like any other Git repository. For example, switch to the feature1 branch:

    git checkout feature1

  3. Make code changes, such as edit files and add new files, and commit them locally:

    git commit -m “made some local changes”

  4. Push that commit to Dimensions CM into the QLARIUS:FEATURE1 stream:

    git push

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