Create a tip baseline

A tip baseline enables you to create a snapshot of a project or stream to preserve its state of development.

PRIVILEGES: Create Baseline.

Note: Item revisions that are in an off-normal state are not included in the baseline.

To create a tip baseline:

  1. In the Baselines tab or the My Current Project/Stream tab, click the New button and select Tip Baseline.

  2. In the New Baseline dialog box, in the General tab, verify that any values that have been pre-populated are correct.

  3. For Baseline ID, enter a name or identifier for the baseline. The name must be unique within the product.

  4. From the Type list, select a baseline type. The values in this list are set up in the process model.

  5. If the project/stream on which you want to base the baseline, is different from the selected one, select it in the Projects list. You can use the Filter field to enter a text string, restricting the projects/streams in the list to those whose names contain the string.

  6. If you want any subprojects or baselines attached to the project to also be included in the baseline, select Traverse child collections. (Not applicable to streams.)

  7. (Optional) For Related Requests, enter any requests you want to relate to this baseline as In Response To.

  8. Click the Attributes tab, and complete any required fields.

  9. Click the Save button.

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