Create revised baselines

You can create a baseline by revising an existing baseline. The revised baseline includes or excludes the changes made to items in response to a set of requests or requirements.


  • When multiple revisions of the same item are In Response To one or more requests or requirements, the latest revision by pedigree is selected.

    If two or more item revisions are on different branches, creating a revised baseline causes Dimensions CM to issue a warning and continue processing without changing the revision of that item in the baseline.

  • The maximum number of requests/requirements that can be specified when creating a revised baseline is 496.

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Create a revised baseline

Caution: Do not create more than one baseline at a time. If you create multiple baselines simultaneously, you may corrupt the baselines and they will not contain the correct data.

PRIVILEGES: Create Baseline.

To create a revised baseline:

  1. In the Baselines tab, select the baseline on which you want to base the revised baseline.

  2. In the toolbar, click New , and select Revised Baseline.

  3. For New Baseline ID, enter a name or label for the baseline. This name must be unique within the product.

  4. From the Type list, select a baseline type. The values in the list are set up in the process model.

  5. To use Requirements to revise the baseline, select Requirements. Otherwise leaveRequests selected.

  6. For Update baseline using, list the requests or requirements related to item revisions you want to add to the baseline. The item revisions must have an In Response To relationship to the requests.

    To list the requests/requirements, enter one or more IDs separated by comma, for example:


    Or browse to find requests/requirements in the Select Request wizard or Select Requirement wizard.

  7. For Remove from baseline, list the requests/requirements related to item revisions that you want to remove from the baseline. The item revisions must have an Affected relationship to the requests/requirements.

    List the documents as described in the previous step.

    Note: You must have at least one request/requirement in either the Update baseline using field or the Remove From baseline field.

  8. Select the Traverse Relationships option to search for item revisions included in requests related to the listed Dimensions CM requests.

  9. From the Project list, select the project from which you want to include item revisions.

  10. To modify the projects displayed in the list, enter a text string in the Filter field.

    To display all projects, clear the field.

  11. Select the Attributes tab and specify user-defined attributes that have been set up in the process model for the baseline type.

  12. Click Save.

  13. Check your Dimensions CM server email for any errors. The following errors are possible:

    • If the requests in the Requests to Update Baseline With list include more than one revision of an item, Dimensions CM reports an error and does not create the revised baseline.

    • If any revision to be deleted is the same as one that is to be added or substituted, Dimensions CM reports an error and does not create the revised baseline.

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