Customize the changeset view

You can select what information to display in the Changeset dialog box.

Customize columns

You can select which columns to display in the Changeset dialog box.

To customize columns:

  1. Desktop client: Right-click a stream or project, or a subfolder, and select Changesets or Folder Changesets.

    Windows Explorer: Right-click a work area root folder, or a subfolder, and select Dimensions > Changesets.

  2. In the Changesets dialog box, right-click a changeset column heading and select or clear columns.

Note: You cannot move the Type column.

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Customize preferences

Use the Changeset dialog box to select:

  • Which changesets are automatically expanded to display all changes.
  • The default date range of the displayed changesets.

To customize which changesets are automatically expanded:

  1. In the web client, select one of the tabs My Current Stream, Items, Streams, or Project.

  2. Select a stream or project, or a subfolder, and click Changesets in the toolbar. The Changesets dialog box opens.

  3. Click Settings and select Expand.

  4. Select one of the options:

    None Do not expand any changesets.
    All changesets Expand all changesets.
    Visible changesets Only expand changesets that are currently visible in the dialog box.

To customize the default date range:

  1. Open the Changeset dialog box.

  2. Click Settings and select Date Filter.

  3. Select a default date range.

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