Change the web client's general settings

Changing the general settings in the web client enables you to:

  • Set a user profile to determine which functionality to see in the web client.

  • Set an initial view to determine which tab is displayed when you first log in to the web client, and optionally display a report or multi-view report.

  • Choose in which format to label design parts in the navigation tree.

  • Choose in which format to display the username.

PRIVILEGES: You need the Publishing Preferences privilege to publish your General Settings as the default for other users. Other options require no special privileges.

To change the general settings:

  1. In the web client, click the User ID link at the top right.

  2. In the Select an Area to Customize list, select General settings.

  3. Set the following options:

    Field Description
    Home view

    Select the tab that you want to be initially displayed when you log in to the web client.

    If you have selected the Reports tab, select a report to display in the Reports tab.

    • Select Private or Public for the report type.

    • (Optional) Enter an expression to filter the list of reports, and click Search to populate the Report list.

    • Select a report from the Report list.

    Design part tree label

    Select the format for the labels used in the Design Parts tree.

    • Select ID to display the IDs of design parts.

    • Select Specification to display the full specifications.

    • Select Description to display the descriptions.

    User display format

    Select the format in which usernames are displayed in the web client:

    • Select USERID to display only the user ID.

    • Select User Full Name to display only the name of the user.

    • Select USERID {User Full Name} to display the ID followed by the name in brackets.

    • Select User Full Name {USERID} to display the name followed by the ID in brackets.

    Paging size Enter the number of rows to be displayed in an table page.
    Relate new requests to current project Select this option if you want any new requests to be automatically related to the current project.

    Publish as default preferences

    Select this option to use your preferences as the default preferences for other users who have not set their settings.

    This option is displayed only if you have the Publishing Preferences privilege.

    Use Web Client Tools for remote work areas Select this option to enable native Web Client Tools to be used for remote work areas.
    Restore defaults Select this option to restore the general settings to the default values.
  4. Click OK to save the changes.

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