Silently merge a child stream into a mainline stream

A simple merge occurs when:

  • A branched child stream is merged from a parent mainline stream.

  • Changes have only been made to a child stream.

  • A mainline does not contain any conflicts.

Use the non-interactive merge option if you are not expecting conflicts and do not need to review the merged changes.


To use non-interactive merge:

  1. Populate an empty work area with the content of the mainline stream using the Get operation.

    Tip: You can use an empty folder as the work area for the merge. The Merge wizard automatically populates the work area with the target stream content before merging the changes in the source stream.

  2. Open the Merge wizard and select Merge streams or their folders. Click Next.

  3. In the Merge changes from the stream box, click Select and navigate to the child stream. This is the source of the merge.


  4. Select other merge options as required and click Merge.

  5. (Optional) After the merge into the mainline work area has completed successfully, click Deliver to commit the changes to the repository.

Tip: It is good practice to build and test before delivering merged changes, especially after a complex merge when conflicts had to be resolved.

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