Open projects and set project defaults

When you log in to the web client, the last project you used opens automatically. You can select a different project and define its default settings, such as the work area, design part, branch, or request.

Set your current project or stream

Dimensions CM stores the following user defaults for each previously opened project:

Work area The location for items that are checked out, checked in, or copied.
Request Related In Response To new item revisions you create in this project.
Design part The owning design part for any new items that you create in this project.
Branch The branch where new item revisions are created.
Library cache area Used to improve performance over wide area networks.

To set the default project or stream:

  1. In the web client's toolbar, click Set Current Project. The Set Current Project/Stream dialog box opens.

  2. To set the default project, verify that the project option is selected.

    To set the default stream, select the stream option.

  3. Select a project/stream from the list.

    To narrow down the list, enter a keyword in the Filter field. For example, enter dev to match any project/stream with the letters "dev" in the name.

  4. Click OK.

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Set a default work area

When you set your current project, you can define its default work area.

Note: You cannot set a web folder as a project work area.

To select a project work area:

  1. In the status area at the bottom of the web client's window, click change next to the work area name.

  2. In the Set Project Work Area dialog box, enter a path to the work area folder.

    If the folder is on your local machine, enter a full path, for example, c:\payroll.

    Note: Avoid setting the work area to the top-level of the drive on your machine, for example, C:\.

    If the folder is on a remote node, begin the path with the node name followed by two colons (::). For example, to use the payroll folder on the UNIX node HOST1, enter HOST1::/payroll.

    Alternatively, click the browse button and navigate to the folder.

  3. Click OK.

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Define project/stream default settings

You can define the default settings for a project or stream such as the default request, design part, branch (projects only), and library cache area.

To define project/stream default settings:

  1. In the status area at the bottom of the web client's window, click settings next to the project name.

  2. In the Set Project Default Settings dialog box, set the following options:

    Default request Enter the request ID, or click the browse button to find a request in the Selection wizard. When you browse, you can filter requests by request type.
    Default design part Enter the design part ID, or click the browse button to find a design part.
    Default branch Projects only: Select a project default branch from the list. Leave empty if you don't want to have a default branch.
    Optional library cache area

    Select a library cache area from the list. This area will be used to hold the tip revisions of items when you are working in the project.

    You can select an area only if at least one has been set up for your current project in the Administration Console.

  3. Click OK.

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