Open Stream dialog box

Use this dialog box to view and set stream properties.

Use the General tab to view the project specification, important dates, and the current status.

See Options tab for streams for how to set the stream options.

See Attributes tab/page for how to view and change the user-defined attributes of the project.

To view the related baselines, see Relationships tab with baselines selected.

To view the related projects, see Relationships tab with projects selected.

To view the related requests, see Relationships tab with requests selected.

To view a stream's action history, see the Action History tab.

General tab

Field Description Rules and guidelines


The project Specification.

Display only.


The name of the project.



The unique branch name for items in the stream

Display only.

Last updated by

The user ID of the last person to update the project.

Display only.


The date the project was created.

Display only.


The date the project was last updated.

Display only.


The current lifecycle state.

Display only.


The project description.

Display only.

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