Create a multi-view report

  1. On the Reports tab, select the multi-view folder . Optionally, expand the folder and select the category, and select the category (Favorite Reports, My Reports, or Public Reports), in the navigation pane.

  2. Click the New Report button . The Create a New Multi-View Report dialog box opens.

  3. Enter a report name.

  4. To make the report available to others, select is public.

  5. For Choose the number of reports you want to display, select a number.

  6. Select the layout from the available options. This determines how the reports will be arranged in the content pane when you run the report, as indicated in the diagrams.

  7. For Select a report, select the type of report you want to include in the multi-view report (Public, Private, Project/Stream, Request, Baseline, or Item)

  8. (Optional) Enter an expression to filter the reports that will be displayed in the selection list.

  9. Click Search. This will populate the Results list.

  10. Select the name of the report to include from the Results list.

    The name of the report will be displayed in the list below.

  11. Repeat steps 7–10 for each additional report.

    To remove a report, click the remove link against that report.

    To change the order of a report, click the down or up buttons  .

  12. If you want this report to be selected when displaying your home view, select Set as Home view.

  13. Click OK to save the multi-view report.

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