Create an item

Create a new item by adding an existing file to Dimensions CM.

You can also create items by delivering files. For details, see Deliver to a project

You can add an existing folder as a directory item. The folder contents, including its subfolders and files, are compressed and stored in Dimensions CM as a single item.

To add multiple files as separate items, see Create multiple items.

Note: Dimensions CM does not maintain metadata for directory items. Operations that rely on metadata, such as deliver, update, and synchronize may not work as expected for directory items.


  • This operation is not available for items in streams.
  • Your process model may require you to relate a new item to a request.

  • You cannot use the following characters in the item ID: . ; - ' @ ` :

PRIVILEGES: Create Item.

If you specify a lifecycle state that has been set to process model, the sensitive state is ignored and the item is created at the initial state of the lifecycle.

Example: Assume that you have three states, A, B, and C, and state B has been set to sensitive. If you attempt to create a new item at status B, the item is created at the initial state A instead.

To create a new item from a file or folder:

  1. In the My Current Project tab or Items tab, in the navigation pane, select the project folder to add an item to.

  2. Click the Add Item button.

  3. For Location to add from, select one of the options:

    Item file Select this option if the item consists of a single file.
    Directory label Select this to create a single item consisting of a folder together with its files and subfolders.
    Virtual item Select this option to create an item with no content. Virtual items are primarily used for controlling hardware configuration items, rather than software.
  4. If you selected item file or directory label, in the location field, enter the pathname of the file or folder you want to add, or click the browse button to find it.

  5. For After Item Added, select the action to be subsequently taken for the files in the work area, Leave workfile as read-only or Delete workfile.

  6. For Owning Design Part, enter the name of the design part, or click the browse button to find it.

  7. If required, for Related Requests, enter the name of the related request, or browse to find the request.

  8. To select an item type other than the default, which is based on the file extension, click Advanced Options, and select an item type.

  9. If you selected virtual item, enter a Project Filename. If you don't see this field, click Advanced Options.

  10. To set attributes, select the Attributes tab, and enter or select values.

    Required attributes are marked with a red exclamation point required_unfilled.gif.

  11. Click OK.

After creation, the item is displayed in your inbox. It will not be displayed in other users' inboxes until you action the item to users.

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