Merge dialog box

In the Merge dialog box, you merge two or more revisions using the merge tool.

See the Attributes tab/page for details on how to edit the user-defined attributes.

Note: If you have not selected the Install native components option, Dimensions CM displays an error message when attempting to open the merge tool.

General tab

In the General tab, you identify the revisions to merge.

Field Description


  • Revision. Select the item revision to use as the base revision for the merge.

  • Workfile. Browse to find the file to use as the base for the merge.

If this field is not displayed, click Use revision.


Select revision(s) of this item to compare to the base item revision.

  • To remove a revision, click its Minus button.

  • To add a revision, click Add revision  and select one from the list.


Enter a path and filename of a workfile to compare to the base item revision, or click the Browse button to find a workfile.

  • To remove a workfile, click its minus button.

  • To add a workfile, click Add workfile.

Merge into

Select New Revision, Existing revision or Workfile.

Select Existing revision if you want to update only the item pedigree to record the fact that it is the result of the merge. It does not update the item contents or invoke the merge tool.

Output file

If you selected Workfile to merge into, enter a path and filename for the merged file, or click the Browse button to find a file.

New revision name

If you selected New revision to merge into, enter a new revision name.

New named branch

If you selected New revision to merge into, select a branch name from the list.

Target revision

If you selected Existing revision to merge into, select the existing revision that you want use to contain the merged file.

Merge Options tab

In the Merge Options tab, you add additional information to the new revision.

Note: If in the General tab you selected to merge into a Workfile, you do not need to complete the fields in the Merge Options tab.

Field Description

Relate to request

To relate a request in response to the new item, enter a request ID, or click the Browse button to find a request.

The request specification has the following format:

productID_changedocType_ number

Separate two or more document IDs with a comma.

Reason for merge Enter a description for the merge.

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