Merge item revisions and files

Merge item revisions to combine the updates made to each of them in parallel into a single new revision.

Once you have specified details for the new item revision, Dimensions CM invokes the Merge Tool to enable you to merge the file contents.

For items in a stream this operation can only be performed in the context of an Update operation.

PRIVILEGES: Revise Item Content.

To merge item revisions:

Note: If you have not selected the Install native code option, Dimensions CM will display an error message when attempting to open the merge tool.

  1. In the My Current Project tab or Items tab, select one or more revisions of the same item.

  2. Click the More button and select Merge Item revision. The Merge dialog box opens.

  3. In the Base field, choose between an item revision and a workfile for the base for the merge operation. Click the link to toggle between these two options.

  4. U under the Revisions section, verify that you have selected the correct item revisions to merge.

    • To add a revision, click the Add revision link and select a revision from the list.

    • To remove a revision, click the icon next to the name.

  5. In the Workfiles field, click the Add workfile link to include a workfile in the merge, and browse to select the file. Repeat for any other workfile. To remove a workfile, click the remove_icon.gif icon next to the name.

  6. Select the option for the merged file:

    New revision Create a new item revision to contain the merged contents.
    Existing revision Update the item pedigree to indicate that an existing item revision contains the result of the merge. Leave the resulting Target revision field as the default of the latest revision, or select another revision in the Target revision field.
    Workfile Use a file in a work area. In the resulting Output file field, type the pathname of the file, or use the browse button to select it.
  7. (Optional) Complete the fields in the Merge Options tab.

  8. If required, in the Attributes tab, enter or select any values.

  9. Click OK. If you have selected Existing Revision as the merge target, this will complete the update. Otherwise, the merge tool opens.

  10. When you have finished, exit the merge tool. In the Results dialog box, click Continue to check in the target file, and then click Close.

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