Relationships tab with design parts selected

Use the Relationships tab with design parts selected to view, edit, or unrelate design parts that are related to the selected object.

The fields appearing in the Relationships tab depend on the dialog box and what has been selected in the Related Objects Class field.

Relationships tab with design parts selected

Field Description Rules and guidelines


Click to relate more design parts to the selected object.



Click to unrelate the design part(s) selected on this tab from the object whose properties you are editing.


Related Objects Class

Select the class of object to appear in the Relationships tab.

The options available depend on the currently selected object and your process model.

Click to display the list of design parts in a browser window.

You can print the list or save it as an HTML file.

Click to display the list of design parts as a list of comma-separated values.

You can save the list as a CSV file.


design parts with parent relationships to the currently selected object.


Select all icon

Click to select or clear all design parts in the list.


Select checkbox

Click to select the design part.



The name of the design part.



The design part type.


Last Updated By

The user ID of the person who last updated the design part.


Creation Date

The date the design part was created.



The design partstatus.


Relationship Type

The type of relationship the design part has to the selected object.

Display only.


Click to submit your changes.


Save and Action

Click to submit your changes and action the object (whose properties you are editing).


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