Select Design Part wizard (page 2 of 2)

Use this wizard to select design parts.

The second page of the wizard displays the design parts that match the criteria you entered on the first page of the wizard. From these results, you select design parts, which you then see in the dialog box from which you originally launched the wizard.

Some operations only permit you to select a single design part. These operations display radio buttons, rather than checkboxes, in the first column.

Field Description Rules and guidelines

Radio buttons or checkboxes

Select a design part or parts.

If you can select only one design part, radio buttons are displayed. If you can select multiple design parts, checkboxes are displayed.

Part Spec

The name of the design part.

Display only.

Format: ProductID:PartID.Variant;PCS 


The description of the design part.

Display only.

Creation Date

The date and time this design part variant was created.

Display only.


Click to return to the first page of the wizard.



Click to save your selection.


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