Work in the content pane

Use the content pane to view, select, and modify items, requests, projects, streams, baselines, or reports and lists, depending on what you have selected in the navigation pane.

Objects are displayed in a table called the object list. The way you work with object lists is the same for all object types.

The following table describes how to use the content pane.

Task Description
Select objects.
  • To select a single object, click the checkbox next to it.

  • To select all objects in the list, click the select all icon in the column heading.

Sort a list based on the contents of a column.
  1. Click the header of the column you want to sort by.

    An up arrow indicates that rows are sorted in ascending order.

    A down arrow indicates that rows are sorted in descending order.

  2. To change the sort order, click the column header.

Save and print a list.
  1. To create an HTML file suitable for printing, click the HTML button.

    To create a comma-separated values text file (CSV file) suitable for importing into spreadsheets or external reporting tools, click the CSV button. The list is displayed in your web browser.

  2. To save or print the list, use your browser.

Filter objects in the list. Select an option from the Filter list. For details, see Create and use object filters.

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