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This topic explains how to prepare you Dimensions CM installation to work with Deployment Automation (DA).

Step 1: Check the CM configuration.

  1. Check that the Dimensions CM server configuration file %DM_ROOT%/dm.cfg has the variable DM_SDA_URL that points to the URL of the DA server. In this example, DA is installed on the same machine as the CM server:

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  2. If you are using SSO, check that users who are configuring and promoting assets have the required privileges in DA.

If you are not using SSO, configure the integration to authenticate through the DA service account. For details, see Authenticate between Dimensions CM and DA.

Step 2: Map a CM product to a DA application.

Map the CM product QLARIUS to the DA application QLARIUS.

  1. In the Dimensions CM administration console, select Product Definitions.

  2. In the main window, select QLARIUS.

  3. For Automation Application, select QLARIUS.

  4. For Default Process, select CompProcessInstall.

  5. Click OK.

Step 3: Map GSL stages DA environments.

  1. In the Dimensions CM administration console, in Areas and Deployment, select GSL.

  2. Select the SIT stage.

  3. In the toolbar, click Properties.

  4. For Deployment Automation To, select Pipeline and select SIT_DA.

  5. Map the other stages to the same DA environments.

  6. Click OK.

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