Readme for Micro Focus Connect Rally Connector 24.2

This readme describes how to configure Micro Focus Rally Connector. Refer to the Micro Focus Community and Micro Focus Connect Help Center for further configuration instructions.

The Micro Focus Rally for Micro Focus Connect (Micro Focus Rally Connector) lets you synchronize Rally assets like User Stories and Defects with assets in OpenText Products, for example assets found in the Micro Focus Octane Connector.


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Supported Versions

This version of the connector is certified with Rally (hosted)

Unless otherwise specified, for any given MF Connect connector from OpenText, all versions of the connector product that are officially released and supported by it's vendor both four months before the time of the release of the connector as well as at the time of using the connector, are supported by OpenText. Not all product versions will be tested and validated by OpenText for each connector release. Instead, OpenText chooses a subset of versions that we deem representative or most important to run validation and certification tests against. These selected versions are mentioned in the respective connector read-me, clearly identifying them as "validated" or "certified". As stated above, this does not mean that Micro Focus Connect does not support other product versions – it only means that no validation test cycle was executed for the other versions.

Supported Assets

This version of the connector supports assets like User Stories and Defects, as well as custom fields and types.




This connector requires at least build 24.2 of Micro Focus Connect and can be configured using the Micro Focus Connect UI.

The file should be copied to the Micro Focus Connect's AppData\data folder.

Note: CAAgile is referenced for the directory as that is the existing installation location.

This connector is an update to the installed connector, you should remove (or move to a directory outside of the connectors) and replace the AppData\connectors\mfcConnectorCAAgile\mfcConnector*.jar files with the one provided.



Installation and Upgrade Information

The following information contains notes regarding installation, but does not replace the entire process.

Required Connection Information

In order to use this connector, you will need to collect and enter this information in the Micro Focus Connect user interface:



Known Issues

WEB_LINK fields are NOT supported

Rally supports fields with "AttributeType" equal to "WEB_LINK". The Rally Connector does NOT support these fields. Support may be added in a future release.

Multi-valued enum fields are Read-Only

The connector cannot set multi-valued enums yet. So, they are currently read-only.

Deleting Items

If delete items is set for the Rally data source, Micro Focus Connect deletes all of the items restored from the recycle bin in Rally.

"Invalid Key" and "ArrayIndexOutOfBounds" Errors

To fix these errors, add the key to the APIKey field in the Rally datasource.

Note: The user name in the key needs to match the user name in the Micro Focus Connect datapool.

Milestones Field Should Be A Relationship

The "Milestones" field in Feature items is currently exposed as a relationship field. If you want to map the Milestones field in other items (e.g. defect), you will need to add a relationship to your Rally dataSource. For example, in the Rally dataSource->Relationships tab, add a relationship where PropertyOwnerType=defect, ExposedPropertyName=Milestones,ReferredToTypeName=Milestone.



Technical Notes

Moving items between projects

Micro Focus Connect supports the detection of items moved between projects that are setup in a Connection, and will try to move the items. If the items are parent or child of other items, it will remove the relationships (for example, if you have StoryA that is the parent of StoryB, and you move StoryB to another project that is part of a Connection, the relationship will be removed). If this is not desirable, you should configure the mapping of the type in your connection to include the parent field, and make it a one way mapping from Rally to the other product.

Heed Rally Property Size Limits

If a Rally property has a size limit (such as a User Story name or description) and the mapped value is greater than that limit, then the item cannot be synchronized into Rally and an error will be logged stating that the update in Rally could not be completed due to the size limit of the property. This issue can be avoided by mapping text properties of the same size limit.

Delimiter Character Might Overwrite Value

History for Rally items is implemented by parsing the Revisions descriptions which use [ and ] as delimiters. Micro Focus Connect uses historical value (not just Modify Time ) data to resolve bi-directional mappings, when two updates to the same property on the same item occur during a synchronization cycle. If this occurs and the value of the property contains a delimiter character, then the second update may be overwritten with the first value.

Tasks not Added to Recycle Bin

When an item ( such as a User Story ) has child items ( such as Tasks ), if the User Story is deleted in Rally, Rally will not add the Tasks to the Recycle bin. As a result, Micro Focus Connect has no way of knowing they have been deleted by Rally. This means that the corresponding items in the other product will not be deleted.

Custom Fields

Custom fields from all projects are displayed in the fielding mapping dialog. If a field is specific to a project not being mapped, it should not be selected.

Values for User ID Property

Rally has 3 properties associated with each user:

The value of the User ID property in the data source should be one of these. The default is UserName. The result of synchronizing a user field in Rally will depend on the value of the User ID property. If the value is UserName, the result will be the email address associated with the user. If the value is DisplayName the value will be the full name, e.g. FirstName LastName. Finally, if the value is NetworkID the result is a user id specific to the network.

Rally has 3 properties associated with each user: 1) the UserName - which may be an email address, 2) the DisplayName - a full name using with spaces, and 3) the NetworkID - a user network identity string. The User ID property in the data source determines which of these values to use when synchronizing User type properties.


Project Field for Milestones

The Project field for Milestones is not supported for mapping or use in rule criteria.

Milestone ID field

The id field used for Milestones has changed from ObjectID to FormattedID. DataSources created prior to the change will continue to be supported.


Need assistance with the product?

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