Readme for Micro Focus Connect DOORS Connector 24.2

This readme describes how to configure Micro Focus DOORS Connector. Refer to the Micro Focus Community and Micro Focus Connect Help Center for further configuration instructions.

The Micro Focus DOORS for Micro Focus Connect (Micro Focus DOORS Connector) lets you synchronize DOORS Requirements with Assets in OpenText Products, for example Requirements found in the Micro Focus Octane Connector.


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This version of the DOORS Connector should be considered a BETA version. There are a number of functional areas noted in the Known Issues that are still under active development.


Supported Versions

This version of the connector is certified with DOORS and 9.6 versions, with OSLC enabled.

Unless otherwise specified, for any given MF Connect connector from OpenText, all versions of the connector product that are officially released and supported by it's vendor both four months before the time of the release of the connector as well as at the time of using the connector, are supported by OpenText. Not all product versions will be tested and validated by OpenText for each connector release. Instead, OpenText chooses a subset of versions that we deem representative or most important to run validation and certification tests against. These selected versions are mentioned in the respective connector read-me, clearly identifying them as "validated" or "certified". As stated above, this does not mean that Micro Focus Connect does not support other product versions – it only means that no validation test cycle was executed for the other versions.

Supported Assets

This version of the connector supports Requirements.




This connector requires at least build 24.2 of Micro Focus Connect and can be configured using the Micro Focus Connect UI.

The file should be copied to the Micro Focus Connect's AppData\data folder.

There are items (like the *.inc scripts mentioned next) that require access to the DOORS server, or a DOORS client, it doesn't need to be installed on the Micro Focus Connect system but you do need to use DOORS tools to configure these items.

The files, are used to configure functionality on your DOORS installation

If you have added any custom attributes in DOORS Modules/Requirements and want to include them follow the instructions provided in Technical Notes below.

The following are required to run the Connector. For further configuration instructions, see the Micro Focus Connect Release Notes.

  1. Create a Connector directory. For example: C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Connect\AppData\connectors\mfcConnectorDOORS
    • NOTE: If this is being installed into an existing connector directory, you must remove the existing mfc*.jars
  2. Copy the following libraries (and the provided Connector jar) into the connector directory you created.



Installation and Upgrade Information

The following information contains notes regarding installation, but does not replace the entire process.

DOORS Services Registry

In DOORS client the file needs to be registered to access the services

The below steps needs to be followed to register the services

DOORS client -> Tools Menu -> Edit Dxl -> Load -> -> Run

DOORS Services Installation

In DOORS installed machine the DOORS services ( file needs to be copied in the below location

[DOORS installed directory]/lib/dxl/addins/services Ex: C:/Program Files/IBM/Rational/DOORS/9.5/lib/dxl/addins/services

Shared Path

As noted in the required connection below, in order to synchronize an image in a requirement to DOORS the images need to be shared via a mounted or shared path accessible on the Micro Focus Connect and DOORS machine

Required Connection Information

In order to use this connector, you will need to collect and enter this information in the Micro Focus Connect user interface (Data Source):



Known Issues

When creating a connection the types and fields will not be automapped

When you first create a connection Micro Focus Connect will typically automatically map similar types, fields and values. This is not currently supported with the DOORS connector

Syncing of richtext to DOORS only syncs text, not the formatting

RichText is not currently supported

Creating/Updating DOORS requirements will fail if they are open in edit mode

During the synchronization of requirements (creation or update) in DOORS, the DOORS thick client or web access should NOT be opened in EDIT mode for that module. If these are open in EDIT DOORS will prevent Micro Focus Connect from applying updates

Syncing of custom enumerated fields

For custom enumerated fields to work follow the 'attributes' instructions in the follow the instructions provided in Technical Notes

All non-custom enum fields are treated as single enum fields

If you synchronize a DOORs multi-enum field, only the first value will be synced

Requirements can only sync a single image

If the asset being synced with a DOORS requirement contains more than a single image, only the first image will be updated to DOORS. This is DOORS behavior

Requirement hierarchy cannot be changed to the root

Requirements can be created and have parent (or not), but if in the syncing product a requirement is moved to the root the requirement will fail to move in DOORS. (i.e. if syncing between Octane and DOORS, and you move a requirement to the root in Octane, it will fail to move in DOORS)



Technical Notes


The DOORS connector supports modules in DOORS. If your DOORS server contains the modules, this connector can read the requirements from it.


The DOORS connector currently exposes the item type "Requirements". There will be multiple requirements available in modules


In DOORS if user adds any custom enumerated values then they must follow the below steps to sync those attributes using this connector

DOORS client -> File -> Mappings -> Add the custom attributes from your module -> click Suggest -> This will provide the mapped URI for your custom attribute, Do not modify the suggested uri. Then click General -> Publish

If this step is not performed then the sync will FAIL



Need assistance with the product?

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