Readme for Micro Focus Connect Email Connector 24.2

This readme describes how to configure Micro Focus Email Connector. Refer to the Micro Focus Community and Micro Focus Connect Help Center for further configuration instructions.

The Micro Focus Email for Micro Focus Connect (Micro Focus Email Connector) lets you synchronize Email assets to assets in OpenText Products, for example assets found in the Micro Focus Octane Connector.


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AccuRev Connector for Micro Focus Connect (AccuRev Connector) lets you synchronize AccuWork assets like stories, tasks, and change requests with those in other Micro Focus Hub repositories and clients like StarTeam Agile.

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Supported Versions

This version of the connector supports general Email protocols

Unless otherwise specified, for any given MF Connect connector from OpenText, all versions of the connector product that are officially released and supported by it's vendor both four months before the time of the release of the connector as well as at the time of using the connector, are supported by OpenText. Not all product versions will be tested and validated by OpenText for each connector release. Instead, OpenText chooses a subset of versions that we deem representative or most important to run validation and certification tests against. These selected versions are mentioned in the respective connector read-me, clearly identifying them as "validated" or "certified". As stated above, this does not mean that Micro Focus Connect does not support other product versions – it only means that no validation test cycle was executed for the other versions.

Supported Assets

This version of the connector supports emails as an asset type.




This connector requires at least build 24.2 of Micro Focus Connect and can be configured using the Micro Focus Connect UI.

The file should be copied to the Micro Focus Connect's AppData\data folder.

This connector is an update to the installed connector, you should remove (or move to a directory outside of the connectors) and replace the AppData\connectors\mfcConnectorEmail\mfcConnectorEmail*.jar file with the one provided.



Installation and Upgrade Information

The following information contains notes regarding installation, but does not replace the entire process.

IMPORTANT: Upgrading to 4.1.1

When upgrading to 4.1.1, you need to remove all emails from the configured mailbox. Otherwise, the email connector will create duplicate items. This is caused by a Java-11 bug: JDK-8211750

Required Connection Information

In order to use this connector, you will need to collect and enter this information in the Micro Focus Connect user interface:



Known Issues

Email's attachments are not supported

Email's attachments are not supported. Any kind of attachments will not be part of the synced email content.

Fallback users are not supported

When selecting a fallback user a message will state there are no users.



Technical Notes

Project Map Syntax

The project map syntax for the email connector is address:password. For example, If the password isn't in the project, e.g. there is no colon, Connect uses the password in the Datasource.

Pop3 Protocol Note

Due to the nature of how Pop3 handles emails once they are read on the server, when you use the Pop3 protocol, you cannot have multiple email connectors linking to a single inbox.

Gmail Configuration

When using the email Connector with Gmail, you need to enable the Allow less secure apps setting in Gmail.

  1. Login to your Gmail account.
  2. In the Sign in & Security section, click Connected Apps & sites.
  3. Toggle the Allow less secure apps setting to ON.


The email connector allows email content to be synchronized between systems.

The ProjectMap value for a Synchronization using the Email Connector is the email user name and password separated with a ":". If you have only 1 email source then these will be the values from the DataSource definition.

Supported Properties

The email connector supports properties below for the Email type:



Need assistance with the product?

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