Readme for Micro Focus Connect SMAX Connector 24.2

This readme describes how to configure Micro Focus SMAX Connector. Refer to the Micro Focus Community and Micro Focus Connect Help Center for further configuration instructions.

The Micro Focus SMAX Connector for Micro Focus Connect (Micro Focus SMAX Connector) lets you synchronize SMAX entities with assets in other Connectors


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Tech Preview

This version of the SMAX connector is marked as TECH PREVIEW

"TECH PREVIEW" refers to the fact that this first version of this SMAX connector is subject to notable limitations in functionality, performance, and scalability. In addition, this version has undergone a basic and thorough quality assurance check � but is has not been subjected to as rigorous a quality assurance validation as normal connector releases must pass. Nonetheless, this TECH PREVIEW release is fully supported and is available for use in production scenarios. However, customers are strongly recommended to validate their synchronization scenarios carefully to check that the limited functionality set of this connector fulfills all needs before implementing this connector in a production environment.


Supported Versions

This version of the connector is certified with SMAX 2021.08 or higher

Unless otherwise specified, for any given MF Connect connector from OpenText, all versions of the connector product that are officially released and supported by it's vendor both four months before the time of the release of the connector as well as at the time of using the connector, are supported by OpenText. Not all product versions will be tested and validated by OpenText for each connector release. Instead, OpenText chooses a subset of versions that we deem representative or most important to run validation and certification tests against. These selected versions are mentioned in the respective connector read-me, clearly identifying them as "validated" or "certified". As stated above, this does not mean that Micro Focus Connect does not support other product versions - it only means that no validation test cycle was executed for the other versions.

Supported Assets

This version of the connector supports all SMAX entity types, including custom entities and fields.




This connector requires at least build 24.2 of Micro Focus Connect and can be configured using the Micro Focus Connect UI.

The file should be copied to the Micro Focus Connect's AppData\data folder.

The following are required to run the Connector. For further configuration instructions, see the Micro Focus Connect Release Notes.

  1. Create a Connector directory, for example: C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\Connect\AppData\connectors\mfcConnectorSMAX
  2. Unpack provided full zip bundle to it.



Installation and Upgrade Information

The following information contains notes regarding installation, but does not replace the entire process.

SMAX Data Source Properties




Known Issues

Attachments Not Supported

This release of the SMAX Connector does not support attachments.

Enumerated Value Lists Not Supported

This release of the SMAX Connector does not support enumerated value lists.

Entity Removal Not Supported

SMAX entities are generally not removable during regular operations, therefore this SMAX Connector does not support entity removal.

Bidirectional Field Sync Not Supported

This release of the SMAX Connector does only support unidirectional field synchronization (either to or from SMAX).

SMAX query limit

The initial sync has a hard limit on the number of entities that can be synchronized (by default this is 10,000 entities, unless changed by SMAX server configuration). If this limit is exceeded, the initial sync will fail and no synchronization will take place. To avoid this, configure the Initial High Watermark data source property to decrease the initial number of entities that are synchronized.



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