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HpsvRootObjectBase Class

Base class which encapsulates all access to Service Virtualization functionality from the scripted rule
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  HP.SV.DotNetRuleApi
Assembly:  HP.SV.DotNetRuleApi (in HP.SV.DotNetRuleApi.dll) Version:
public abstract class HpsvRootObjectBase : IHpsvObject

The HpsvRootObjectBase type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActivities
All available Service Call Activities
Public propertyContexts
All available simulation contexts
Public propertyDataLogger Obsolete.
WARNING: This API will be removed in an upcoming release, please use either standard logger, message logger or direct IO APIs. DataLogger instance, see HpsvDataLogger
Public propertyEnvironment
Service Virtualization Environment, see HpsvEnvironment
Public propertyLogger
File based logger, see HpsvLogger
Public propertyMessageLogger
Logger for Designer Problem List, see HpsvLogger
Public propertyRequest
Incoming Request
Public propertyResponse
Outgoing Response (or null for One way operations)
Public propertySequenceBuilder
Access to persistent sequences, see HpsvUnscopedSequenceBuilder
Public propertyServiceInfo
Virtual Service Information, see HpsvServiceInfo
This class is inherited in generated rule assemblies as HpsvRootObject passed to the CSharpRule::Execute method
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