UFT Pro (LeanFT) .NET SDK Reference, Version 14.03
HP.LFT.SDK Assembly
HP.LFT.SDKProvides the SDK for core LeanFT functionality.
HP.LFT.SDK.APITesting.UFTProvides the SDK for executing API tests.
HP.LFT.SDK.ConfigurationProvides the SDK for customizing LeanFT behavior.
HP.LFT.SDK.CoreProvides the SDK for defining additional behavior for all time-based gestures..
HP.LFT.SDK.Core.MetadataProvides the SDK for defining basic test object and identification property information.
HP.LFT.SDK.InsightProvides the SDK for image-based object identification.
HP.LFT.SDK.JavaProvides the SDK for testing Java objects.
HP.LFT.SDK.MobileProvides the SDK for testing objects in a mobile application.
HP.LFT.SDK.SAP.GUIProvides the SDK for testing SAPGUI objects.
HP.LFT.SDK.SAP.UI5Provides the SDK for testing SAPUI5 objects.
HP.LFT.SDK.StdWinProvides the SDK for testing Standard Windows objects.
HP.LFT.SDK.TEProvides the SDK for testing Terminal Emulator objects.
HP.LFT.SDK.UtilsProvides SDK utility and helper classes.
HP.LFT.SDK.WebProvides the SDK for testing Web objects.
HP.LFT.SDK.WinFormsProvides the SDK for testing .NET Windows Forms objects.
HP.LFT.SDK.WPFProvides the SDK for testing WPF objects.