UFT Pro (LeanFT) .NET SDK Reference, Version 14.03
ITableCell Interface
A single cell in an SAPUI5 table.
public interface ITableCell : HP.LFT.SDK.Web.ITableCell  
Public Properties
 PropertyColumnIndexThe cell's 0-based column index. (Inherited from HP.LFT.SDK.Web.ITableCell)
 PropertyRowIndexThe cell's 0-based row index. (Inherited from HP.LFT.SDK.Web.ITableCell)
 PropertyTextThe current text in the cell. (Inherited from HP.LFT.SDK.Web.ITableCell)
Public Methods
 MethodAsWebElementReturns a web element that corresponds to the current table cell, so that it can be used like any other web element. (Inherited from HP.LFT.SDK.Web.ITableCell)
 MethodFindChildren<TChild>Returns a child test object from this cell according to its type and index. (Inherited from HP.LFT.SDK.Web.ITableCell)
 MethodNumberOfChildrenWithType<TChild>Returns the number of child test objects of the specified type in this cell. (Inherited from HP.LFT.SDK.Web.ITableCell)
 MethodSelectItemSelects the specified item in the table cell according to its text.  
 MethodSetTextSets the contents of the table cell to the specified text value.