UFT Pro (LeanFT) .NET SDK Reference, Version 14.03
IScreen Interface Properties

Public Properties
 PropertyCursorPositionThe current row and current column on the terminal emulator screen. Represented by the Position object.  
 PropertyDisplayNameThe object display name defined in the Application Model. (Inherited from HP.LFT.SDK.ITestObject)
 PropertyIdThe terminal emulator screen ID.  
 PropertyInputFieldCountThe terminal emulator screen input field count.  
 PropertyLabelThe label of the terminal emulator screen.  
 PropertyParentThe parent test object of this test object. The child object must be obtained using the Describe method, otherwise, it returns null. (Inherited from HP.LFT.SDK.ITestObject)
 PropertyProtectedFieldCountThe terminal emulator screen protected field count.  
 PropertySizeThe column count and row count of the terminal emulator screen. Represented by the Size object. (Inherited from HP.LFT.SDK.TE.IScreenBase)