UFT Pro (LeanFT) .NET SDK Reference, Version 14.03
IAlmRunInfo Interface Properties

Public Properties
 PropertyBusinessComponentRunInfoThe business component run information. If the test is not a business component, returns NULL.  
 PropertyDomainNameThe ALM domain name.  
 PropertyParametersTest parameters as defined in ALM for regular tests and business components.  
 PropertyProjectNameThe ALM project name.  
 PropertyRunIdThe ALM test run ID.  
 PropertyRunNameThe test run name as defined in ALM.  
 PropertyServerUrlThe ALM server URL.  
 PropertyTesterNameThe name of the user running the test.  
 PropertyTestIdThe ALM test ID.  
 PropertyTestInstanceIdThe ALM test instance ID.  
 PropertyTestNameThe test name as defined in ALM.  
 PropertyTestSetIdThe ALM test set ID.  
 PropertyTestSetNameThe ALM test set name.  
 PropertyTestTypeReturns a RunningLeanFtTestType type indicating the running test Type.