Demo applications for code samples

The LeanFT SDK references provide a collection of code samples.
These code samples are based on the following demo applications:

Java swingset2.jar (From Oracle)

The Mobile examples use a dummy mobile app.

This app is not available for download.

SAP GUI SAP GUI 7.30 for Windows (From SAP)

SAPUI5 - UI Development Toolkit for HTML5 - Demo Kit (From SAP).

Look at the Navigate step in each code sample to see the specific link used for that code sample.

See LeanFT blog: Getting Started with LeanFT and SAPUI5 in 3 steps

Standard Windows Microsoft Windows calc.exe and Notepad.exe applications.

Mercury Tours HTML Flight Application

Username: tutorial, password: tutorial


MyFlight Sample Application, available with the UFT installation download.

Extract the sample application .zip file, and then open FlightsGUI.exe.

Username: john, password: hp

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