Run and analyze mobile tests

Running LeanFT mobile tests is exactly the same as running any other LeanFT test. You can run them from your IDE or from your lab machines (during your continuous integration and testing cycle).

Run the mobile test

If you are running tests from different computers, make sure to Connect LeanFT and Mobile Center.

Make sure that the device you intend to run your test on is available. It if is already locked— whether by you or by another user—the test will not be able to run.

To run the test

Follow the instructions in Run LeanFT tests.

  1. When the run starts, if the LeanFT engine is set up to show the remote access window, the Mobile Center remote access window opens. For details, see Mobile Center Settings.
  2. The device is locked for the session duration.
  3. The test steps are performed on the mobile app.
  4. When the test ends, you can view and analyze the automatically generated run report, as described in Analyze mobile test results.

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Analyze mobile test results

When running LeanFT mobile tests, LeanFT automatically generates an HTML run report, as it does for all LeanFT tests. The run report provides a detailed view of the test execution, including all the steps, results, images and more.

For details, see Analyze run results.

The following is an example of a mobile test report. It shows a complete mobile test run, including operations such as locking the device, installing and launching the mobile application, and closing the device.

the following is an example of the device details presented when using the device.lock method.

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