Upgrade LeanFT

You can upgrade directly to the most recent version of LeanFT from any previous version of LeanFT.

Upgrading LeanFT is a simple procedure of installing LeanFT and a few additional tasks.

To upgrade LeanFT

  1. Depending on the platform you are installing on, follow the instructions in Install LeanFT for Windows, Install LeanFT for Linux or Install LeanFT for Mac.

    Caution: If you are performing a silent installation on Windows, make sure that no Java processes are running in the background during the installation.

  2. If you have maven-based projects, do the following:

    1. Install or deploy the new LeanFT JARs in the Maven repository. For details, see Prerequisites for Maven-based projects.
    2. Update the LeanFT version number in the pom.xml files in your Maven projects.
  3. If you have application models, regenerate their code. For details, see Generate application model code.
  4. If you are running LeanFT tests remotely on this computer, configure the LeanFT engine settings file. For details, see Set up the remote computer.