LeanFT .NET code samples (in .NET)

This section includes:

Launch AUT code samples (in .NET)

Launch a desktop application using different parameter combinations.

ImageUtils code samples (in .NET)
  • Verify that an image exists
  • Verify that an image matches a test object image
  • Search for an image inside another image
  • Compare two images
Insight code sample (in .NET)

Use Insight to locate and activate objects

Java code samples (in .NET)
  • Select menu items in a list
  • Wait until a state is reached and click a link

Mobile code samples (in .NET)
  • Tap a button on a mobile device
  • Get device vitals
  • Perform a search with WebView
  • Lock and automatically unlock a device at the end of a session
  • List all available devices
  • Camera simulation
NativeObject code samples (in .NET)
  • Basic usage of NativeObject on a Web application
  • Use native object index to get or modify values from a JavaScript array
OCR code samples (in .NET, Windows only)
  • Use OCR to get a string of visible text
  • Use OCR to recognize text location
PowerBuilder code samples (in .NET)
  • Select a Tab from a TabControl
  • Set an item in a combo box
Report code samples (in .NET)
  • Customize the LeanFT run report settings
  • Access current report status during runtime
SAPGUI code samples (in .NET)
  • Launch an SAP GUI session and run transactions
  • Run a transaction using IOKCode
  • Set data for a table cell
  • Set an edit box value
  • Select an toggleitem in a combo box
SAPUI5 code samples (in .NET)
  • Select an item in a ListBox
  • Delete an item in a ListBox
Standard Windows code samples (in .NET)
  • End-to-End: Select an item in a combo box
  • End-to-End: Locate a button using Visual Relation Identification (VRI)
Terminal Emulator code samples (in .NET)
  • Wait for text in the emulator screen
  • Send a TE Key on the screen
Web code samples (in .NET)
  • Send keystrokes to the AUT
  • Simple link click
  • Programmatic description vs. Application Model code
  • Navigate to a web site
  • Access Web objects in a tab opened by the AUT
  • Locate an object by its XPath
  • Use Verify to validate edit fields
  • Synchronize objects using WaitUntil
  • Retrieve and sort list items
  • Identify an edit box via a CSS selector
  • Verify that a suggestion box contains content
  • Verify that a tip is displayed on the Home page
  • Verify fields using their labels
  • Inject JavaScript into your Webpage
WPF code samples (in .NET)
  • End-to-End: Reserve a flight using WPF objects
  • Use WaitUntil to complete a flight reservation
  • Select items from a ComboBox control
  • Set the date in a DatePicker control
  • Select a row in a DataGrid control
Additional code samples (in .NET)
  • Implement SpecFlow steps for a calculator feature file
ALM/BPT integration code samples (in .NET)
  • MSTest test for ALM LeanFT Test - includes data driving
  • MSTest test for BPT test - includes data driving
  • Data drive an ALM test
Verification code samples (in .NET)
  • Basic verification example
  • Custom verification example

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