Monitor Configuration Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to select the type of monitors to run and the server whose resources you want to monitor, add the measurements to monitor for each server, and specify the frequency with which you want the monitored measurements to be reported.

To access

Start > All Programs > HPE Software > HPE LoadRunner > Advanced Settings > Monitor Configuration. In icon-based operating systems, such as Windows 8, search for Monitor Configuration .

For machines without the complete LoadRunner installation, select Start > All Programs > Server Monitor > Monitor Configuration.

Relevant tasks

How to Set Firewall Monitoring Preferences

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element

Adds a server (left pane) or measurement (right pane) to the monitored server list. Type the name or IP address of the server whose resources you want to monitor in the Monitored Server field.

From the Available Monitors list, select the monitors appropriate for the server being monitored.

Note: Data can only be viewed for the monitors that are enabled with your LoadRunner license key.

To preview your license key information, on the LoadRunner machine, select Start > Programs > LoadRunner. LoadRunner opens. Click the License button to display the LoadRunner license information.


  • To add several servers simultaneously, separate the server names or IP ranges with commas. For example:, server1, server2.
  • If you want to monitor the same properties on different server machines, right-click the server you want to clone, and select Clone. In the Monitored Server box, type the name or IP address of the clone server you want to create.
Removes a server or measurement.
Opens the Monitored Server Properties dialog box, allowing you to modify the settings.
Measurement Properties pane
Allows you to set a measurement schedule for each measurement to be reported. Select the configured server measurement you want to schedule and specify the frequency at which you want LoadRunner to report the measurement. Click Apply to save your settings.
Import / Export
Imports or exports the monitor configuration details, including the server and their measurements, to/from an XML file.

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