Runtime Arguments

These arguments specify the runtime related scenario settings. For more information on scenario settings, see Before Running Your Scenario.

Path to the scenario, for example, C:\LoadRunner\scenario\Scenario.lrs
This argument can also be used for a scenario residing in an Application Lifecycle Management database. For example, "[TD]\Subject\LoadRunner\Scenario1"
If the path includes blank spaces, use quotation marks.
Runs the scenario, dumps all output messages into res_dir\output.txt, and closes Controller
Instructs LoadRunner to invoke Analysis upon scenario termination. If this argument is not specified, LoadRunner uses the scenario default setting.
SilentMode Suppresses the pop-up message which normally appears in the UI when Analysis is automatically invoked upon scenario termination.
Full results path. For example, "C:\Temp\Res_01"
Results name. For example, "Res_01"
Results folder. For example, "C:\Temp"

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