Web Tours Sample Application

This tutorial uses Web Tours, a sample Web-based travel agency system, to demonstrate how LoadRunner is used as a solution for load testing. Web Tours users connect to a Web server, search for flights, book flights, and check flight itineraries.

While LoadRunner supports many different protocols, this tutorial demonstrates how to load test a Web-based application.

In this section of the tutorial, you will learn how to install and start Web Tours.


  • LoadRunner must be installed. LoadRunner is not needed for Web Tours to operate, but is required to successfully complete the LoadRunner tutorial.

  • Check that you are using Internet Explorer 10 or later.

  • You need to have administrative permissions on the machine to install Web Tours (but administrative permissions are not required to run the Web Tours application).

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  1. Download the Web Tours zip file from the AppDelivery Marketplace.

    The download contains the following files:

    • strawberry-perl-
    • WebTours.zip
  2. Install Strawberry Perl:

    1. Double-click strawberry-perl- to run the installation.

    2. Follow the on-screen instructions to install in the default folder.

    Note: Installing Strawberry Perl modifies the system’s PATH environment variable, and adds the Strawberry Perl folder, for example, C:\strawberry\perl\bin. This is required for Web Tours to operate properly.

  3. Install Web Tours: Unzip the contents of the WebTours.zip to a folder on the machine, for example, to C:\WebTours.

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Start Web Tours

  1. Access the folder where you have unzipped WebTours.zip, for example: C:\WebTours.
  2. Run StartServer.bat.
  3. A standard command line window opens, indicating that the server is running. Keep this window open while you access the Web Tours application.
  4. Open Web Tours in a browser window using http://localhost:1080/WebTours/.

You are now ready to work with the Web Tours application and continue with the tutorial.

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