Load Generator Configuration > Vuser Limits Tab

This tab enables you to modify the maximum number of GUI, RTE, and other Vusers that the load generator can run.

To access
Controller toolbar > > Add or Details
Relevant tasks

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element
Resets values to their defaults.
Available Types
The types of Vusers the load generator should run.
The types of Vusers are:
  • GUI

  • RTE

  • Other Vusers

Maximum Active
The maximum number of each type of Vuser that the load generator can run.
  • GUI: 1

  • RTE: 1000

  • Other Vusers: 5000

Note: The maximum number of active Vusers that you specify must not exceed the number of Vusers that you are licensed to run. To check your Vuser licensing limitations, open the LoadRunner License Utility by selecting on the LoadRunner machine Start > All Programs > HPE Software > HPE LoadRunner > License > LoadRunner License Utility. In icon-based desktops, such as Windows 8, search for License Utility.

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