Actions grid

You define the actions for a schedule in this area. You can add, modify, and delete actions. These actions include starting Vuser groups (in group schedules) and initializing, starting, and stopping Vusers. You can also define how long each action should continue.

When creating group schedules, you can copy group schedule settings from one Vuser group to another.

To access
Manual scenario > Design tab > Scenario Schedule pane
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User interface elements are described below:

UI Element

(Real-world schedule only)

Add Action After. Opens the Add Action dialog box where you can define new actions. For details, see Add Action Dialog Box.

The new action is added after the action selected in the Actions grid.

Edit Action. Opens the Edit Action dialog box where you can edit the schedule actions. For details, see Edit Action Dialog Box.

Delete Action. Deletes the selected action.

Move Action Up. Moves the selected action up the grid.

Move Action Down. Moves the selected action down the grid.

(Vuser group schedules only)

Copy Schedule Settings From. Enables copying group schedule settings from one Vuser group to another in the Scenario Groups pane.

Note: Schedule settings copied include the schedule run mode (basic or real-world) and the set of schedule actions.

Example: To copy group_1's schedule settings to group_2, select group_2 in the Scenario Groups pane. Then click this button, and select group_1.

Displays the total number of Vusers scheduled to run in the scenario.
  • This is editable in basic schedules, when the scenario is in percentage mode only.

  • When the scenario is in Vuser group mode and you are defining a basic schedule, this value is updated when you modify the quantity of Vusers in the Vuser groups.

    For details, see Add Vusers Dialog Box.

  • In real-world schedules, the total number of Vusers is the sum of all the Vusers defined in the Start Vusers actions.

Apply. When you modify the Total: <#> Vusers field, applies the specified total number of Vusers proportionately to the Vuser groups. (Percentages are visible in the % column of the Scenario Scripts pane.)

This appears only when Total: <#> Vusers is modified.

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