Tips for Using Command Line Arguments

When you invoke Controller from the command line, the following rules apply:

  • If Controller is invoked with no arguments in the command line, Controller uses its default settings.

  • Controller will always overwrite results.

  • Controller will automatically terminate upon scenario termination and results will be collected. If you don't want Controller to automatically terminate upon scenario termination, add the flag -DontClose to the command line.

  • Controller launched through the command line behaves normally except when using the -Run option. Using the -Run option, dialogs and message boxes that usually open and require the user to close them in a usual launch, do not open in a command line launch.

  • When Analysis is started from the command line, use the -SilentMode argument to suppress the pop-up message which normally appears in the UI.

  • Controller's settings are loaded from wlrun5.ini, located in Windows folder.

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