What's New

Check out below the new features and improvements in LoadRunner 12.56.

Note: For a list of hotfixes on top of LoadRunner 12.56, see this knowledge base article: LoadRunner 12.56 - Release information

Runtime Settings Search

The Runtime Settings pane now includes a Search feature, to facilitate finding runtime settings.

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New supported technologies and platforms

LoadRunner 12.56 contains improved support for the following:

OpenSSL Upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.2l

Added support for version 4.7 (Oxygen)

See Develop a Unit Test Using Eclipse (JUnit or Selenium test).

In addition, you can find information on all supported technologies and platforms in the System Requirements (previously named Product Availability Matrix or PAM).

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Protocol enhancements

LoadRunner 12.56 includes the following protocol enhancements:

MQTT protocol

The MQTT protocol now supports IP spoofing. See MQTT Protocol.

Citrix protocol

You can now modify the Citrix client window size from Runtime Settings. See Citrix Replay Tips.

Oracle NCA protocol Oracle NCA now supports code generation recording options. See Oracle NCA > Code Generation Recording Options.
LDAP protocol LDAP now supports TLS 1.2. See LDAP Connection Options.

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TruClient enhancements

TruClient includes the new TruClient Browser, based on Mozilla technology.

Note: The TruClient Browser is provided as a tech preview version.

For more TruClient enhancements, see the TruClient What's New.

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VuGen enhancements

VuGen includes the following enhancements:

Runtime Settings

The new runtime settings Search feature highlights the searched-for term in all runtime setting views. See Configuring Runtime Settings.


VuGen Virtual Table Server now supports the following:

  • SSL communication between the virtual user and the server. You configure the SSL keys on the VTS machine.

  • NTLM authentication for accessing the VTS table.

See Installing the Virtual Table Server (VTS) and the VTS documentation for more information.

Recording Summary Report The Recording Summary Report now supports IPv6. See Recording Summary Report.
GWT-DFE VuGen now supports parsing Client Fields with the GWT Data Format Extension. See Google Web Toolkit - Data Format Extension (GWT-DFE).
Performance improvements VuGen includes performance improvements, and many other general usability enhancements.

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Controller and Analysis enhancements

Controller and Analysis include the following enhancements:

  • LoadRunner now supports Apache JMeter 3.3.
  • Support added for distributed (remote) testing for JMeter tests, enabling you to run the tests in server/node mode. See Using JMeter remote/distributed testing.
  • Data for JMeter active threads and transactions during a scenario run are now available in the standard Running Vusers and Transaction Monitor graphs. See Runtime and Transaction Monitoring.
Analysis graphs

Analysis includes the following new graphs:

HTML report The Analysis HTML report includes enhanced functionality and user interface. See HTML Reports.
Monitoring for UNIX LoadRunner now supports monitoring for UNIX machines using SSH. See How to Set up the UNIX Monitoring Environment.

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