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Returns the integer value of a parameter


int lr.eval_int ( String param_name );
long lr.eval_long ( String param_name );


Function lr.eval_int ( ByVal param_name As String ) as Integer
Function lr.eval_long ( ByVal param_name As String ) as Long
Example: lr.eval_int / lr.eval_long String and Parameter Functions


Name Comments
param_name The name of the parameter, bracketed with parameter brackets.

The lr.eval_int and lr.eval_long functions return the current long integer value of the parameter param_name. You can use these functions with parameterization to return a different value for each iteration.

These functions are equivalent. The function has two names to preserve backward compatibility.

Return Values

The value of the parameter. If the value of the parameter cannot be represented as a long integer, returns 0.


Standard parameterization is not available for this function.