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Retrieves the data in a row.

Example Query Functions


lrvtc.queryRow ( rowIndex );


name Comments
rowIndex The number of the row. The first row has index 1.

lrvtc.queryRow retrieves the data in a row and stores it in parameters with the same names as the columns.

If there is no data in a cell, the corresponding output is NULL.

Return Values

Returns zero on success or one of the Error Codes.


All string input arguments can be passed using standard parameterization.


    var rc;
    var colSize;
    // Get the last row of data
    colSize = lrvtc.columnSize("O_ID");
    rc = lrvtc.queryRow(colSize);
    lr.logMessage("query_row rc="+ rc);
    lr.logMessage(lr.evalString("{O_ID}") +", "+,
                   lr.evalString("{O_customerID}")+", "+,
                   lr.evalString("{O_info}")+", "+,