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Stops scripts from adding a specific header to subsequent HTTP requests.


web.removeAutoHeader( header, implicit ); 
The name of the user–defined header.
Examples: Content–Type, If–Modified–Since, referer, and User–Agent.
A flag indicating the handling of Implicit Headers. The possible values are Yes, No, and Cond.
Yes: Generate the implicit header as it was before any web.addAutoHeader call.
No: Do not generate the specified header at all.
Cond: Generate an implicit header only if this header was specified by a web.addAutoHeader call. Cond is the default.

Return Values

Not applicable


Parameterization is not applicable to this function.

General Information

The web.removeAutoHeader function is a service function that stops adding a specific user–defined header to subsequent HTTP requests. This function cancels the automatic header generation for the specified header, initiated by web.addAutoHeader.

The web.revertAutoHeader function is equivalent to the web.removeAutoHeader function with the ImplicitGen option set to Yes.


web.removeAutoHeader( "Content–Type", "Yes" );