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Example: nca_java_set_reply_property Java Object Functions

Sets a reply property for a Java object.

void nca_java_set_reply_property( void * ReplyPropList );
ReplyPropList A list of reply properties.

The nca_java_set_reply_property function sets the specified Java reply properties.

One use of the function is to prevent "402", warning messages where the server is unable to reply to requests for information. See the example for details.

Where the property has multiple values that must be set, use a parameter for the values rather than entering each value in a separate row of ReplyPropList. For example, this definition with multiple values for mGetProperty is invalid for use with nca_java_set_reply_property:

char* JavaProp[][3] =
		{"BEANS_VZSYSTEM_0", "mGetProperty", "Windows XP"},
		{"BEANS_VZSYSTEM_0", "mGetProperty", "\"" },
		{"BEANS_VZSYSTEM_0", "mGetProperty", "C:\\myDir"},

To pass multiple values of mGetProperty, specify a parameter in the parameters table, named p_mGetProperty in this example, and set the values. Define the parameter as sequential and to be modified each occurrence. Then use this declaration:

char* JavaProp[][3] =
		{"BEANS_VZSYSTEM_0", "mGetProperty", "{p_mGetProperty}"},

This and other nca_java functions can be sent to the server as a single packet by wrapping the set of nca_java calls with nca_step_begin and nca_step_end functions.

Return Values

No value returned.


Parameterization is not available for this function.