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Example: nca_set_custom_dbtrace and nca_set_dbtrace_file_index DB Trace Functions

Identifies the trace file for later user by Controller and Analysis

void nca_set_dbtrace_file_index( LPCSTR fileindex );
fileindex For details of how to access the file index before calling this function, see the Example: nca_set_custom_dbtrace and nca_set_dbtrace_file_index.

nca_set_dbtrace_file_index identifies the trace file for later user by Controller and Analysis. nca_set_dbtrace_file_index and nca_set_custom_dbtrace may be needed if DB trace cannot be enabled using the built-in mechanism. This may happen in the case of custom applications with a non-standard UI.

Return Values

No value is returned.


Parameterization is not available for this function.