Service Level Agreements Overview

Service level agreements (SLAs) are specific goals that you define for your load test scenario. After a scenario run, LoadRunner Analysis compares these goals against performance related data that was gathered and stored during the course of the run, and determines whether the SLA passed or failed.

Depending on the measurements that you are evaluating for your goal, LoadRunner determines the SLA status in one of the following ways:

SLA Type Description
SLA status determined at time intervals over a timeline
Analysis displays SLA statuses at set time intervals over a timeline within the run. At each time interval in the timeline—for example, every 10 seconds—Analysis checks to see if the measurement's performance deviated from the threshold defined in the SLA.
Measurements that can be evaluated in this way:
  • Average Transaction Response Time

  • Errors per Second

SLA status determined over the whole run
Analysis displays a single SLA status for the whole scenario run.
Measurements that can be evaluated in this way:
  • Total Hits per run

  • Average Hits (hits/second) per run

  • Total Throughput (bytes) per run

  • Average Throughput (bytes/second) per run

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