Set Percentile Threshold Values Page

This wizard page enables you to select load criteria to take into account when testing your goal.

Important information
  • General information about this wizard is available here: Service Level Agreement Wizard.
  • The Percentile SLA enables you to measure whether the percentage of transaction samples meets the defined threshold criteria.
  • You can enter a threshold value to 3 decimal places.
Wizard map - Goal measured over whole scenario run

The Service Level Agreement Wizard contains:

Welcome > Select a Measurement Page > (Select Transactions Page) > Set Percentile Threshold Values Page

See also Service Level Agreements Overview

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description
Selected Measurement The measurement selected for the goal.
Percentile Percentage of transactions to measure against the configured threshold.
Provide threshold value for all transactions To apply one set of threshold values to all transactions selected for the goal, enter the threshold value and click Apply to all. These values are applied to all the transactions in the Thresholds table at the bottom of the page.
Transaction name The transaction from the scenario run.
Threshold The threshold value for the selected transaction.

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