How to Upload a Report to ALM with Performance Center

The following steps describe how to upload a report from the file system to an ALM's Test Lab module. This feature is only available for ALM installation with Performance Center.

  1. Connect to ALM

    Open a connection to the ALM server and project that contains the LoadRunner result or Analysis session files. For task details, see How to Connect to ALM from Analysis.

  2. Open the Upload dialog box

    Select Tools > Upload Report to Test Lab.

  3. Select a report

    Click Browse in the Step 1 section. The Select the Report file dialog box opens. Select an HTML or XML file from the file system. Click Open.

  4. Select a location on ALM

    Click Browse in the Step 2 section. The Select Location for the Report dialog box opens. Navigate to a Run level in the Test Lab module. Specify a name for the report and include any relevant comments. Click OK.

  5. Begin the upload

    Click Upload. The upload begins.

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