Import data into your Analysis session

This task describes how to import data files to integrate into your analysis session.

  1. Choose Tools > External Monitors > Import Data. The Import Data dialog box opens.

  2. Select the format of the external data file from the File format list box.

  3. Click Add File. In the Select File to Import dialog box that opens, the Files of type list box shows the type chosen in step 2.

  4. Set other file format options, as described in Import Data Dialog Box. You must enter a machine name.

  5. To specify character separators and symbols, click Advanced. For more information, see Advanced Settings Dialog Box (Import Data Dialog Box).

  6. Click Next. The Import Data dialog box opens.

  7. Select the type of monitor that generated the external data file. If your monitor type does not exist, you can add it, as described in How to Customize Monitor Types for Import.

    When opening a new graph, you will see your monitor added to the list of available graphs under this particular category. (See Open a New Graph Dialog Box.)

  8. Click Finish. LoadRunner Analysis imports the data file or files, and refreshes all graphs currently displayed in the session.

    Note: When importing data into a scenario with two or more cross results, the imported data will be integrated into the last set of results listed in the File > Cross with Result dialog box. For more information, see Generating Merged Graphs.

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