Page Download Time Breakdown Graph

This graph displays a breakdown of each page component's download time.


Enables you to determine whether slow response times are being caused by network or server errors during Web page download.

Breakdown options

For breakdown options, see Page Download Time Breakdown Graph Breakdown Options.

Note: Each measurement displayed on the page level is the sum of that measurement recorded for each page component. For example, the Connection Time for is the sum of the Connection Time for each of the page's components.

See also

Web Page Diagnostics Graphs Overview


The Page Download Time Breakdown graph demonstrates that receive time, connection time, and first buffer time accounted for a large portion of the time taken to download the main URL.


If you break the URL down further, you can isolate the components with the longest download time, and analyze the network or server problems that contributed to the delay in response time.

Breaking down the URL demonstrates that for the component with the longest download time (the component), the receive time accounted for a large portion of the download time.

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