Results Directory

By default, the results directory is stored on your machine's temp directory. LoadRunner creates a subdirectory using the results name, and places all of the data it gathers in that directory.

To locate the results directory:

  • From the Controller: click Results > Results Settings. Results Path displays the specified location for saving the results. To change the location of the Results Directory, specify a different path in the Directory box.

  • From the Analysis: look in the Summary Report which is available from the graph tree view. Results in Session displays the location of the result file (.lrr).

Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the results directory. Every set of results contains general information about the scenario in a result file (.lrr) and an event (.eve) file.

Inaccessible Result files

A LoadRunner scenario will fail if the result path is inaccessible to one or more of the participating machines. Make sure that the result path is accessible to all load generators participating in the scenario through path translation and Permissions . Check the permissions of the result directory files and modify them if necessary.