Load Generator Configuration > Terminal Services Tab

This tab displays the Terminal Services Manager which enables you to distribute Vusers running in your load testing scenario on terminal servers.

To access
Controller toolbar > > Add or Details
Important information
This feature is not supported if the load generator is located over a firewall.
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User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element
Resets values to their defaults.
<Connection Options>
  • Connect to existing Terminal Services Sessions. Enables connection to existing (open) terminal sessions.

    If you select this option, you must open a terminal client session manually for each terminal that you want to run Vusers on during the scenario.

  • Create new Terminal Services Sessions. Enables the Controller to open and close terminal sessions automatically. When choosing this option you also specify the following:

    • User name, Password, and Domain. The credentials required for automatic login.
Enable Terminal Services Manager

Enables the Controller to manage load automatically using terminal sessions on the load generator.

Note: When enabled, you can only see the load generator's name, without adding any extra references.

If you need to use three load generator sessions, my_machine, my_machine:1, and my_machine:2, then in the load generator list, you need only insert the load generator, my_machine, and enable the Terminal Services Manager for three terminals (Number of terminals = 3 - see below).


If not enabled, you need to insert each of the three terminals as separate load generators: my_machine, my_machine:1, and my_machine:2.
Maximum number of Vusers per terminal
The maximum number of Vusers that you want to run in a terminal session. This depends on the Vuser type used in the script.
Default: 50
Example: For GUI Vusers, the maximum is one Vuser for each terminal session.
Number of terminals
The number of terminals you want to use in your scenario. You must open a terminal client session for each terminal on which you want to run Vusers during the scenario.
Default: 2

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