Open a New Graph Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to open a new graph.

To access
Use one of the following:
  • Run tab > Monitors > Online Graphs Open a New Graph

  • Right-click a graph and select Open a New Graph.

Important information
The graph selected in the graph display area will be replaced by the added graph.
Relevant tasks

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element

Opens the selected graph and displays it in the graph tree view.
Display only graphs containing data
Select this option to view only those graphs that contain data. To view the entire list of online monitor graphs (even those that do not contain data), clear this option.
Graph Description
Displays a description of the selected graph
Select Graph box
Lists the online monitor graphs by category. To expand a category node, click the "+" .
Tip: Graph names displayed in blue contain data.

Note: You can select only one graph at a time.

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